Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Preseason Week 2: Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

The Seattle Seahawks' second preseason game has finally arrived and this time we face off against the Denver Broncos, who are also legitimate Super Bowl hopefuls like our very own Hawks. This would be a very exciting game if this were the regular season, but it is not and instead we are left with two solid teams that may only show off their starting lineup for the first quarter. However, that is if we are lucky as it could easily be less since both teams really do not have much to prove right now, and the chance of injury to any player is probably the greatest concern for both the Seahawks and the Broncos. Still, in a short amount of time I am sure the Broncos are wanting to get a preview of what Peyton Manning can do with Wes Welker just as we should want to see how well Russell Wilson is connecting with his very own receivers. Sidney Rice recently returned to the field and there does not seem to be any sort of concern with his knee. If you have been paying attention to the Seahawks offense for the past week you would have noticed that the offense has been a lot more fluid and that is no coincidence; Rice returning to the lineup is just that important. The return of Sidney Rice gives Wilson familiarity and allows a little more breathing room to our other receivers like Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin because of the attention Sidney Rice demands. The offense looks a lot better, and the defense still looks like the NFL’s number one defense, so overall there is not really any crucial areas we need to address tomorrow, but there are certainly some things to look forward to.   Here is what I would like to see tomorrow against the Denver Broncos: A good showing from the starting offense Like anyone hopes to see a bad showing from their offense, right? I am not worried about our starting offense whatsoever, but a good showing against a solid Broncos defense would still be encouraging. Last week the starting offense looked out of sync in very limited play, but that appears to have been resolved so let’s see it in action, even if it is only for a few series or less. Wilson to Baldwin/Willson Dougie / CNN.comRichard Sherman was recently talking about the connection that Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin have right now in the offense. I have no doubt that a healthy Doug Baldwin can be a major player in our offense. There is a reason that other organizations were making calls about Baldwin’s availability after the Seahawks traded for and signed Percy Harvin. I would love to get a preview of those two tomorrow. I am also going to be paying close attention to Luke Willson. Last week I talked about how I was a little disappointed, but I also expressed that Willson appeared to be fighting nerves, which is completely understandable. Now that the first game is out of the way I imagine Luke Willson will be a little calmer and put on a better showing. Let us hope so because Willson certainly has the tools, plus who doesn’t want to see Wilson to Willson for a TD? If any area is crucial to address right now, it would be the TE position, in my opinion. QB Pressure I was very pleased with the pressure we got on the quarterback last week, as we all were. I want to see that continue now and for the rest of the season. The rest of our defense is dominant without putting pressure on the quarterback, but every defense is more dominant with quarterback pressure. We will need that pressure to be consistent if we want to be the champions at the end of the season. No injuries This goes for both teams. Injuries suck, but they suck more during the preseason. The only thing that sucks more than an injury during the preseason is when it happens because of a cheap pile of **** FedEx Field. I am looking forward to tomorrow, and for one more preseason game to pass because I am ready for the regular season!If you have any thoughts or opinions, please feel free to share!  Go Hawks!

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