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Thursday Afternoon in the BB 15 House

Good afternoon, BB Lovers!  Happy Live Show Thursday!  Tonight is gonna be crazy!!!If this is your first time on BBDish today, here are the previous posts to get you up to speed: Thursday Morning, The Overnight Report.CBS Interactive Inc.REMINDERS:The BBDish Live Show Viewing Party begins at 8:50pm Eastern.  As always, there will be east coast live streams available. The HGs are ALL expecting an Endurance Comp tonight, and so are we.  Now would be an excellent time to take advantage of the 2 day free trial of the live feeds.. As of 12:57pm, Feeds are back!  The HoH Lockdown in Over!As the file out, Helen seems to look wistfully back up towards the HoH Room, as if she may not see it again.Elissa: Oh my gosh.  Are you starving?Helen: Starving.Elissa: I'm freezing.Helen: It is a little cold in here.12:59pmHelen: Slop balls, anyone??Elissa: Absolutely.Andy: Yes, please!Helen: I can't even begin to explain the hunger I feel. I need to take a shower.. I smell so badly.  I need to gain some weight.  I look too skinny.1:05pmCam 2Rainbow RoomAndy, McCrae, AarynMcCrae: 3AM all the way.. Like, we can actually f'in do this.Andy: Yeah.McCrae: Like, all we have to do is keep switching off HoHs and PoVs n shit.Andy: Totally.  I completely agree.Aaryn: 3AM comes 1st.McCrae: Yeah.  Like.. I'm gonna fight my ass off for it.. I don't think she's (Elissa) gonna put me and Amanda up 1st, which is all that matters.  If you and GM go up, GM comes down, then she grows a wild hair and throws Amanda up.  I don't think she'd do that though.  She hates Spencer so much.  He said he was tryin' to talk to her yesterday, but I don't know.  I don't think he's ever gonna change anything, no matter how much he talks to her. Andy: We just can't let her win.McCrae: Yeah.  Me n you have to f'ing kick ass.  I have a feeling Ginamarie's finger's gonna come into play.. All that pressure on it.  The cut..Aaryn: She probably will ignore it though.  Knowing her..McCrae; I gotta get into pump mode.  What time is it? Andy: It's like 1..McCrae: I don't wanna get too crazy, too early..Amanda comes in..Amanda: I get weird vibes from her.  Sometimes she's warm, and other times I don't know what she's thinking.Amanda and McCrae leave..  Aaryn and Andy remain.Aaryn: Should I be worried?Andy: No. We (indicating the 2 of them) don't have anything to be worried about this week.Aaryn: Have they said anything that they're worried about me?Andy: no!!  They're worried about.. But I feel like they switch between Gm and Spencer all the time based on who was to go.. But you know that I don't want GM goin' anywhere.  Like, if I get HoH,  I wont even put her up. So..Momentarily satisfied, Aaryn leaves.1:30pmCam 3 and 4Amanda, Andy, Spencer, McCrae, AarynChair Room - Talk about the comp tonight..Andy: I'm just gonna piss on myself to keep warm.Aaryn: Windbreaker pants and windbreaker jacket might be the best..1:34pmAaryn and GMRainbow RoomAaryn: I think you should wear leggings.. and a hoodie..1:35pm - Aaryn returns to the chair room where endurance comp everything dominates the conversation.. From wardrobe choices to..McCrae: This is gonna be the toughest competition there ever was.Aaryn: You're gonna freak people out.McCrae: That should get you amped. 1:50pmFollowing another pep-prep talk, Helen and Elissa have a really nice hug..1:58 - 2:04pmCam 1 and 2Per Helen's instructions, Ginamarie and Elissa make a Pre-HoH Comp deal to not put each other up, but GM will not be throwing the comp to Elissa or anyone else..GM reveals that Helen's words have penetrated - she now wants Amanda out, mostly because she has too much influence on Aaryn.  GM is irked that Spencer's not even packing..2:05pmCam 3 and 4Helen and AndyAs soon as Elissa and Gm clear out of the cockpit, Helen escorts Andy in.  Her work to undermine Amanda's game isn't quite done yet...Helen: I'm going and I want you to know 1 thing that I know. I know that you told Amanda that when you were HoH I told you to put Amanda up. (pause)  I'm not mad.Andy:  In all honesty, I said it out of anger at you the other day, after you got threateny with me.  I was like, this is bullshit, and I was like,  I dunno, I was mad, and I'm sorry.Helen: OK.. But I want you to know that.  Umm.. I want you to win this game, if you can get to the end. But.. it's gonna be tough against the 2 of them.Andy:  Yeah. Did Amanda tell you?Helen: Yeah.  She didn't want me voting for you at the end.Andy: Yeah.Helen: OK? And she's telling me other things too.This is ongoing..**If she can't be in the house, neither can Amanda.2:23pmCam 3 and 4McCrae and Elissa. Amanda joinsMcCrae: Spencer.. and GM... cuz there's a 1 in 6 chance she wont get to play for Veto. If she doesn't play, we have a way better chance of getting her out..Elissa: Don't you think she's gonna get drawn? It's better if she's on the block. Elissa: You guys need my vote to get rid of Aaryn and Ginamarie..Amanda: What's going on?  Something weird's going on..Elissa: If you guys take Aaryn past this point, she's gonna be on fire. She has to go.Amanda: We agree.2:24pmCam 1 and 2Meanwhile in the Cockpit, Aaryn, Andy and GM are also scheming.. kinda..2:32pmMcCrae and ElissaStorage, cont'd.McCrae: It doesn't matter who wins this one, but it has to be you, me or Amanda.2:45pmCam 3 and 4Andy calms and reassures McCrae and Spencer that everything is still a-ok. The HGs are Non-frigging-Stop this afternoon!   Spark up your feeds, folks! CBS Interactive Inc.The HGs are still going, but I need to take a break before what may prove to be an Endurance Comp for the record books!  See you back here for the Live Show Viewing Party.. and after that.. ;-) Here's to an INCREDIBLE night on the live feeds!!!

Thursday Afternoon in the BB 15 House Images

... ! Ya Gotta Have it!: Thursday Afternoon in the Big Brother 15 House
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BBDish! Ya Gotta Have it!: Thursday Afternoon in the BB 15 House
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Big Brother 15 Blog..because you're addicted.
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Big Brother 15 Blog..because you're addicted.
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