Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seattle Should Consider Trading a Cornerback

Before scoffing at the idea, understand two things: I am not referring to the obvious cornerbacks like Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner, or Antoine Winfield.The 49ers defensive backfield is still questionable. Seattle should do what they can to keep it that way. Right now the Seahawks have nine active CBs on their roster, plus drafted rookie Tharold Simon on the PUP list. They have all looked great early on during OTAs and at training camp, but should these guys prove themselves during the preseason then their value will rise before the official season kicks off. I will break down the list based on how I view our cornerbacks and their trade value as it stands right now. The Untouchables: Richard Sherman Brandon Browner Antoine Winfield Obviously Sherman and Browner are our boys. Sherman is, in my biased opinion, the very best in the league. He is the very best in a lot of unbiased opinions as well. Browner is certainly one of the best in the league right now as well, and we love his physical presence. We just signed Antoine Winfield this off-season to help us reach our goal of winning the Super Bowl, and he is the very best at his position of stopping the run. Quite frankly, Winfield may be the best tackling corner in NFL history. Improbable: Walter Thurmond III University of Oregon and Seattle Seahawk fans know about Thurmond, but it is likely that the average fan does not, and rightfully so because not only is Seattle the most isolated team in the NFL, but Thurmond has not been able to stay healthy since 2008 when he was still a Duck. He actually missed most of his final season with the Ducks in 2009, but was drafted by our Hawks anyways in the fourth round of the 2010 draft based on his skill level alone (first round talent), and hopes that he could return to good health. So far that hasn’t exactly panned out, but it turns out that Thurmond is an absolute stud when he is on the field. If you don't believe me then just ask Richard Sherman what he thinks about him. Thurmond is improbable because his injuries would more than likely scare other organizations away, but if he can overcome that obstacle then watch out! Nope: DeShawn Shead Will Blackmon Ron Parker Will Blackmon is a kick returner as well, and we just signed him on February 13th. John Schneider is familiar with Blackmon because he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2006. He made a name for himself as a returner before knee injuries got the best of him, prompting the Packers to release him in 2010, and then by the Giants a year later. He was out of the NFL last season, but he is back with a vengeance! DeShawn Shead was a rookie free agent that we added last season and Ron Parker was claimed off waivers. I really like all of these guys for depth, and maybe Blackmon can earn a spot returning kicks, but I don’t think these are the guys that could be traded. The Touchables: You know you want him / Seahawks.com Byron Maxwell Jeremy Lane Byron Maxwell is entering year three, while Jeremy Lane is entering year two. Both were selected in the sixth round and now have a little experience without a horrific history of injuries. Also, both seem to have upped their game and I honestly think that either one of these guys could be starters elsewhere. Would Maxwell or Lane be starters for the 49ers? Maybe, maybe not. Would they add them some much needed value? Absolutely. I think our entire unit could. Jeremy Lane had a tough match-up versus Tony Gonzalez in the playoffs last season, but that would be tough for any rookie and to be honest I thought Lane was covering Gonzalez about as good as one possibly could, but Matt Ryan made fantastic throws while Gonzalez made equally fantastic snags. The truth is that I really like all these guys, but Seattle is going to have to cut their roster down. The 49ers have a fantastic defense; as long as they have a pass rush their secondary will be just fine, even with the recent loss of Chris Culliver. However, there is always room for improvement and I would like to avoid the possibility of the Niners getting one of our cornerbacks (I think that would more likely be Shead or Parker at this point). The 49ers are not the only team in the league that could use help at CB, either. Both the Steelers and Ravens, for example, could use some help. In my opinion if the Seahawks can trade one of their cornerbacks for a 5th or, perhaps more likely, 6thround draft pick then they should pull the trigger. I would much rather get something of value and reduce the number of cuts at the CB position. The added bonus, of course, is that we could avoid benefiting a division rival. Furthermore, if a trade is possible then I would prefer a trade to a team from the AFC, but at the very least it would have to be with a team in another division. What do you 12s think?

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