Friday, April 26, 2013

Bless the Team That Drafts Manti Te'o

Getty ImagesThis is it. After months and months of waiting, the NFL Draft begins tonight.I've been blogging on this since late last year, and I do not regret a single day of it. I am fully aware of the odds against the Rams drafting Manti Te'o at all, let alone tonight in New York. I am aware that teams like the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bengals, and others are more likely to draft him, maybe in the second round. I'm definitely aware of Rams fans that have commented discontent towards the idea of any Rams fan wanting Te'o in St. Louis. I would be foolish of me to not acknowledge the reality that the NFL Draft is unpredictable and most times advocacy for any single player by any NFL fan does not work.However, because the NFL is unpredictable, it is the reason why I do not regret this.I'm one of those people that believes that doing nothing is far worse than getting it wrong in my advocacy for Manti Te'o being a Ram. I know that there is only a remote chance of the Rams even thinking about Manti Te'o. But listening to naysayers and letting negative individuals dominate the conversation on who should be drafted by Jeff Fisher's team would be a monumental mistake that I would regret for life. I rather be wrong supporting a player I want in my favorite team than to be silent to appease negative critics here in St. Louis, and anywhere else. Most of us don't bother to publicly advocate for any players, and some that do give up after a few tries when facing rude comments by online strangers. For these reasons, I am proud of my advocacy of Manti Te'o as a Rams fan and have no regrets.So, if a team other than the Rams draft Manti Te'o, then that franchise deserves the blessing(s) of Te'o and his contributions he will provide. It takes character and an understanding of true potential to see value in Te'o's gift as a player, and the team that drafts deserves success in the upcoming season. This is why I want the Rams to draft him, but I know that it's not a guarantee, yet in knowing that I have to speak up while the opportunity exists. Silence is worse than failure. So if any other team drafts Te'o, I will accept it and move on.Now if the Rams draft Manti Te'o....well, the 'big man upstairs' will be getting all the credit. 

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