Friday, April 26, 2013

New Year, New Seed. Three Games for History.

Yesterday every Bronco fan sat on edge and watched the Colts emotionally beat the Texans in a 28-16 victory in Manning's old house. With Chuck Pagano on the sideline for the first time in months we saw that Andrew Luck, did not need luck on his side, as he beat the best team in the AFC, up until that point.Even with Manning and the Denver Broncos now on a 11 game winning streak, Denver fans have had to cheer for a few different teams this year. Broncomania was cheering for the San Francisco 49ers two weeks ago when they marched into Tom Brady's house and punched him in the mouth. With the Patriots losing that game, that inevitably put Denver in position to control their own destiny at least for the second seed in the AFC playoff race. Remember about a month ago it looked like the Broncos were going to end up with the forth seed, but would have to play without a bye week, and the NFL still wasn't sold on Denver because they hadn't beaten the Ravens in Baltimore yet? Funny how things change and the dynamics of playoffs can shape up in a matter of two to three weeks. Then yesterday, minutes before the Broncos walked on the field to play the horrible Kansas City Chiefs, the Broncos got final word that Indy had beaten Houston and at that time, every Bronco player new what was on the line if they beat Kansas City. The No.1 seed.The beating of Kansas City yesterday was almost perfect, with exception of Ronnie Hillman fumbling and having it almost returned for a TD if it wasn't for the effort of Manning and Dreessen to save seven points. Then the Broncos defense did what the Bronco defense does. Held Kansas City to three points. The only time they let Kansas City remotely get close to the end-zone all day. Draft bust, and former Bronco, Brady Quinn, went 7/16 for only 49 yards, and was sacked four times throughout the day but was under pressure most of the time he had the ball in his hands. Then Peyton Manning did what Peyton Manning does. He spread out the ball and passed for a total of 19 first downs, 304 yards, and three touchdowns, averaging 10.5 yards a pass. Not only that, but two of his touchdowns were highlight catches from maybe two of the best wide receivers in the game Decker and Thomas. Decker made the first one with the diving, one handed, bobbling grab in the end-zone that was only to be followed up with Thomas' leaping one handed catch in the back of the end-zone only a few drives later to really stamp the winning touches on the Chiefs.Manning came to Denver to win a Super Bowl. And right now, that is exactly what Denver is on track to do. Last time the Broncos sat in first place with the No.1 seed was the 1998 season when Elway and the gang walked to a second straight Super Bowl. Would it be nice to see Manning win the MVP. Yes, of course. But with MVPeterson (Adrian Peterson) running lights out, the MVP race could go both ways. Is it great that Manning just got voted to his 12th Pro Bowl, but if you ask around the Bronco locker room, they are here to win a Super Bowl, not have their journey end at the Pro Bowl.With the Broncos now having a first round bye, and home field throughout the playoffs, the Colts will go into Baltimore and try to continue their season by beating a lost Ravens team. Winner of that game will come to Manning High.... I mean Mile High. Some might say that they wish Denver didn't have a bye weak in fear that this Manning lead team might "cool down". All I have to say to that is remember when Broncos played Thursday Night Football against the Raiders and they had 10 days to rest and prepare for the Ravens? Look what happens. Denver walked into Baltimore and slapped the Ravens in all aspects of the game. So I like the chances Denver has when this coaching staff and personnel has time to prepare and get ready. Hold on Bronco fans, this ride could be fun.So I pose the question. Is this Broncos team special? Is this the team to take Bronco Country back to being on top?Thank you for your eyes that allowed you to readJames HarperJames Harper Twitter- @JHarperMedia Facebook: Denver Sports Breakdown Sports Podcast- James Harper, Denver Sports

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