Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How To Use Google External Keyword Tool - Basics (Part 1)

External keyword tool is one of the most important element when we are talking about SEO and taking our blog or website to a totally new level. Google Adwords is the most popular and trustworthy external keyword tool as recommended by numerous top bloggers and even my personal experience says that. Today, I'm going to explain you how to use the Google Adwords keyword research tool to perform a general keyword search for your blog and how to drive more traffic and hence rank you blog higher on Google search.Keywords play a vital role in the past, present as well as the future of a blog. Always aim for driving the 'right' kind of visitors to your blog, for this purpose you'll need to choose the 'right' keywords which could rank your blog higher in the search engines. In this article I'll be discussing on how to perform a simple keyword research for your blog and what do you need to keep in mind while writing an article and choosing your keyword to drive more traffic to your blog eventually.What To Keep In Mind While Using Google Adwords External Keyword Tool ?1. SIGN IN : Make sure that you have signed in to your Google account while performing keyword research. By signing in you allow yourself to use all the features of the external keyword tool.2. CHOOSE KEYWORD CATEGORY : Always remember to specify the right category of keywords from the left side bar, the one which is circled red. Choose 'Broad' to get the details of keywords which are somewhat similar to that of your specified keyword. Choose 'Exact' to get the keyword search details exactly for your keyword and choose 'Phrase' to get more ideas for keywords related to yours with all details.3. CHOOSE APPROPRIATE REGION : Always try selecting the region in the world which you wish to target and check the keyword details in that particular area by selecting the country from the center red circled area which is the Advanced option and filters area, shown in the above picture. You can also specify the languages and devices there.


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Google Keyword External Tool
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How to use Google Keyword tool for keyword research : SkotGat
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PPC Training – New Customized AdWords Training Courses | Keyword
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