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Mad Men Recap: Be Careful What You Wish For

"I don't like change. I want everything to go back to the way it was." Peggy makes this statement a ways into last night's episode entitled "For Immediate Release." Be careful what you wish for Peggy, because the change you have experienced can go back in a way that you may not be ready for, as it did in this week's world shifting episode.  Deals were made behind backs and huge shifting changes are coming to the SCDP offices.Don makes moves while Roger is doing his own thing.We start out with a major plot underway perpetuated by Joan, Pete, and Bert meeting after hours with a banker in an attempt to make the agency go public.  They mention that they expect resistance from Don, explaining his absence, however things seem to be going well when Pete happily tells Joan that with the current valuation she would in effect be a millionaire. Judging from the previous episode where Joan secretly expressed her feeling that after 15 years of work she had nothing to show for it, now she finally will in a big way.  A few days later when the banker notifies Bert that the company will go for $11 a share, everyone is poised to break the news that they are all about to become filthy stinking rich.However, in a perfectly self destruction type Mad Men way, things aren't going to work out the way that everyone planned. Of course the first person to start the ruination in motion is Pete himself, when he goes to celebrate at the local whorehouse and runs into his father in law of all people. After sharing an incredibly awkward signature Pete "Hello" they part ways but this will as we all instantly know, come back to hurt him.Boy does it, when in a hypocritical move he in "protecting his daughter" from the awful Pete, pulls the entirety of his business from SCDP.  There is nothing Pete can do to call him out for this hypocracy other than be angry Pete.However Pete would be even more angry if he had been a part of the dinner Roger sets up with Don and the slimy Jaguar dealer Herb along with their wives and Megan's mother. Roger doesn't even show up to the meeting, having more important things to do (we'll get to that) which leaves tensions already high between Don and Herb.  Despite being a hilarious setting for Megan's mother to smack talk in french over Herb's sweet but stupid wife, tensions rise between Don and Herb. Things come to a head when Herb suggests an employee of his who writes fliers help Don out with the creative on Jaguar. Don, being Don, doesn't take this well to say the least and says goodbye to Jaguar and Herb right there.Meanwhile Roger didn't show because he is up to his own brand of "work."  By the way, it was great to see Roger doing his thing and showing everyone how even though he isn't necessarily invaluable inside the office, it's the magic he works outside the building that makes him important, even if nobody realizes it.  This time he is using the pretty young stewardess he is bedding to get him next to a Detroit big wig straight out of Chevy.  During their plane ride which I am sure consisted of some witty puns and more than a few drinks, Roger gets SCDP on the list of companies to pitch a brand new car for the company.He returns to the office with the news at exactly the wrong time, however when everyone else is sharing their own bad news. Pete literally falls all over himself (and the stairs) screaming at Don and his ruining of the IPO that Don didn't even know about.  It is a great scene of gaping stares from employees and back and forth argument chaos until Joan drags everyone into the conference room. Roger and Don assure everyone not to worry about the loss, and focus on Chevy.  It seems like a silver lining till Joan reminds them the sacrifice she made for Jaguar.  Tearful she asks him if just once he could think about them all and not consign everyone to depending on him once again. Especially with Herb when she tells him "Honestly, Don, if I could deal with him, you could deal with him. And what now? I went through all of that for nothing?”Meanwhile things are changing at CGC as well, when Ted realizes that his partner has cancer and to keep his firm afloat he will have to buyout the ailing Frank.  In a moment of quiet desperation he vents to Peggy, and when she reassures him of her faith in his strength, the two share a tender kiss. Oh boy. Back at home Peggy imagines Abe in his underwear is Ted in a smoking jacket, and throws herself at him.  Poor Abe, just when things were getting good between you and Peg.Do the right thing Peggy!SCDP and CGC travel to the Motor City to pitch their ideas, and before the big day as luck would have it Don and Ted sit at the bar together in a great scene. Ted is not at his most confident and mentions to Don that they better celebrate now, because neither of their small firms has a chance against the big boys that will pitch beside them in the morning.  They each share their own pitches, which are sure to be stolen and given to the large agencies by Chevy.  In a moment of begrudging teamwork, they realize their only option is to present together.  It works.Finally, Peggy realizes her wish is coming true, albeit in the exact opposite way that she meant when she is called into Ted's office only to hear (to her utter surprise) Don's voice tell her "We got it."  Don and Ted tell her that they are merging their firms, transforming overnight into a size that can more than compete with the big boys.  Don and Ted look smugly satisfied, while Peggy looks like she has seen a ghost.  She returns to her office to write the press release, and we all realize that although Peggy is going back home, things will never be the same.What did you think dear reader?  Let your opinion be heard in the comments. 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