Wednesday, May 8, 2013

rainly relaxing

It's rainy and a bit grey today. This morning there were thunder and heavy rain.Now it's just almost a bit comfy, the air is very fresh. I both want to sit outside and enjoy but also snuggled up in a big shirts and drink tea.So maybe today would be a perfect time to invite a girlfriend over, watch chick flicks, wear face mask and paint your nails. Simply just a pamper girls night in. You can even stay up all night talking about boys! because tomorrow is a holiday.Maybe you can convince your boyfriend to give you a massage if you can't find a girl friend to play spa with.But even if you're alone, you can still have a jolly good time. Make a foot bath, put on a face mask, light candles, listen to your favorite music, make your body summer ready, maybe bring out the tanning lotion to get over the first weeks of pale legs. Just be good to yourself!If today isn't the day you want to be pamper or you feel awkward who likes doing this alone or yourself.Then check out the give away that PEEPERS Denmarks blog manager have going.Maybe you'll be the lucky winner of a facial! mmmm nice!

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Rainy Day And Nature Home Very Relaxing Wallpaper Design 1920x1080 ...
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Photos of Priest House, Castle Donington - Hotel Images - TripAdvisor
(550 x 412 - 32.16 KB - jpeg) Jazz for a Rainy Day: Relaxing Jazz Piano Music: Michael ...
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