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Hundred Word Highlights - February 2012

Hundred Word HighlightsEach CD review is guaranteed to be a full one hundred words, because sometimes ninety-nine and a half won’t do.Mike CooleyThe Fool on Every CornerCooley Records  In November of last year, Hundred Word Highlights reviewed Patterson Hood’s record Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distanceand this month is his partner Mike Cooley’s turn.  The Drive-By Truckers’ other half may be less loquacious and prolific than Mr. Hood, but he is just as talented of a songwriter and performer.  This live acoustic solo recording showcases finger-picked versions of his rock tunes along with a full glass of wit served with a side of sly winks and surprisingly keen insights. Cooley even picks up the banjo for an eerily wicked take on Cottonseed. Picks: Cottonseed, Carl Perkins Cadillac.Buddy and JimBuddy Miller and Jim LauderdaleNew West Records Two of the brightest stars in the Americana firmament team up for this collection of country, R&B and good-natured rock. Buddy and Jim are well-respected musicians, with shelves of awards between them, but more than that, they’re friends and this record has that easy vibe of two buddies making music together. There’s not a Buddy song or a Jim song, they both own them, especially when their harmonies remind you of the Everly Brothers with a twang. The eleven songs won’t break any new ground, but that’s kinda the point.  Picks: Vampire Girl, I Lost My Job of Loving You.Curtis LynchPlaygrounds MagazineFebruary 2013

Hundred Word Highlights - February 2012 Images

Rattlesnake Confusion
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Homeschool Highlights (February 11 – February 15, 2012) | My Life ...
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Trey Songz In GQ’s March Issue « MMHighlights
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Marshmallow Test, Artwork © Jennifer Uman for Edition One Hundred
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